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OneLedger — A business focused blockchain protocol


OneLedger protocol is aimed at the business community by offering side-chains (public and private) to companies who want to deploy a blockchain solution.

These blockchains will feature cross-blockchain compatibility that will enable data to be stored on different blockchains simultaneously ensuring consensus across the data points. (Multi-chain runtime support)

OneLedger enables you to focus building your business application through OneLedger modularization tools, which will communicate with OneLedger protocol using its API gateway. This mechanism will make your business application interact with different public and private blockchains synchronously through corresponding side chains implemented in OneLedger platform.

The OneLedger protocol enables a master user to carry out the many features of the blockchain from their one account rather then having to manage multiple accounts and systems.

The team will continue to develop the eco system with more business friendly tools and features into Q4 2018 and into 2019.

We see a strong base here to start with lots of room for new features and blockchain additions. We would like to see OneLedger users also being able to fully take advantage of the inherent benefits that each external blockchain integration brings.



Another key point for OneLedger is that it is planning to create an SDK for dApp developers who can build a dApp and deploy it to multiple platforms without having to change any code.

To mitigate risk and to streamline company resources this is a key selling point.

We would like to see this happen as soon as possible to increase the value of the protocol.


Current Status

The project is due to release its MVP in June 2018.

Roadmap: https://oneledger.io/#roadmap


The Team

David Cao

Strong development and consultancy background in the tech sector. Probably some decent blockchain connections when chairman of the Canadian Blockchain Association.

Stephen(Yang) Li

Senior level consultant and software developer.

Alex Todd

Senior level CTO/CTA. IBM background amongst a host of other companies. Also working on other blockchain projects.

The rest of the team is made up of a lot of good people with backgrounds from IBM, Nokia, Amazon, Autodesk and more. Overall there seems to be a good mix of developer skills, consultancy work alongside a decent amount of business development to help drive the relationships and partnerships that OneLedger will need in the future.



We feel that OneLedger protocol and their team have a good chance to form positive partnerships with the business world. Their cross chain features which have been specifically been designed with the business user in mind have been well thought out.

We like the project and will follow it closely as it grows in 2019.

Status: Recommended Project.

Official Telegram channel@oneledger_official
Github repohttps://github.com/Oneledger



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