10% For Charity

About Us


Founded in 2012 and based in central London, 45 Digital was formed to offer flexible, affordable and creative digital solutions.  We deliver creative websites, smart apps, neat solutions and beautiful designs.  We love finding solutions to problems using the most up-to-date technology and platforms.


45 Digital is a team of creative individuals who contribute and collaborate constantly.  We work with a wide range of individuals, artists, companies, charities and organisations across the world.



We live travel, work and contribute

We each support a charity for 10% of our time

We love our work

We exceed expectations

We deliver on time and on budget

We works across the World

We are passionate about technology

We make our clients are happy

How We Work



The first step is to always look at the current data so that we can fully understand the situation and identify possible issues.

Question Time

We like to ask questions to find out as much information as possible. It's vital for us to have your insight and knowledge.


We will spend time researching your project to make sure we deliver the most up-to-date solution that will meet your needs

Design & Create

We will present our ideas and designs and discuss them with you. We will then follow an iterative process to optimise our templates and designs.


Our team will work to complete your project on budget and on time.

Go Live

After optimising your project for speed, SEO and security, we will then get your project live and kicking

Our Team



Marketing consultancy, creative online, design


Websites, Apps, Consultancy


Social media, SEO, eCommerce, Apps


Social media, marketing, designer


Music, websites, consultancy, social media