10% For Charity


We are always interested in hiring likeminded people


If you would like to apply to work for 45, read a little about us below and then send us your CV if interested.

We don’t hire people by qualifications, we hire people who want to do interesting things.

you like to travel

We actively encourage everyone to travel the world while working, (unless you prefer an office to a beach). Our main base is in central London but we are often found exploring the four corners of the world.

10% for charity

45 Digital believes that everyone should contribute and help people.  Each of our team members supports at least one charity for 10% of their time at work.  We have strong links with many local charities in London.

you exceed expectations

We expect everyone to make sure that they complete their work efficiently and to a high standard. We want to make sure we exceed our client’s expectations.

you are flexible

We work with a wide range of people and companies. You must be good at adapting to new situations and projects. We like to work on exciting things, whatever, wherever they might be.

work is not your life

Everyone who works for 45 Digital has other interests, hobbies and even professions. Work is not our entire lives and never will be. 45 Digital is a platform for what you want to do.

quick learners over qualifications

45 Digital does not require set qualifications.  We value quick learners equally as people with qualifications.  Show us your bag of tricks and what you bring to the table and we will listen.

still interested? then send us your cv

Fill out the form and attach your CV,  we will contact you if we are interested. Thanks!