10% For Charity

10% For Charity


One of the founding principles of 45 Digital was to be able to help and give back to our community.  We wanted to build a company that wasn’t just focused on commercial gains, we wanted it to have a broader worth and an inclusive community spirit.

So a couple months after 45 Digital started back in 2012 we began working with a local charity,  just helping out with any digital needs that they had.  It was amazing to work with such incredible people we didn’t want to stop… so we didn’t.   In fact we thought that we should actually let everyone who works for 45 have the same opportunity and help their own community…   the 10% For Charity idea had been born.

Everyone who works for 45 Digital is able to contribute to a community project,  charity or good cause for 10% of their time at work.  45 Digital will also try and assist any project as much as possible.

Over the years we have helped local homeless charities,  global humanitarian organisations, environmental campaigns and many other amazing causes.

We would like to invite you all (especially other like-minded companies) to join our 10% For Charity campaign and help your community as much as you can.  If you would like to know more please email us.  [email protected]